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We now also offer Vehicle Wrapping.

We also provide mobile servicing, repairs and pre MOT checks at your premises, also TerraClean Engine De-Carbonising.


Performance Tuning UK are authorised dealers of Quantum Remaps.

Remap Tuning Specialists and Vehicle Diagnosis & Fault Finding.

We can release your car's hidden power by removing the restrictions that are imposed by the manufacturer.



We offer a 7 day money back guarantee so you have complete peace of mind that Performance Tuning UK

will improve your car's performance.


ECU Remapping in SloughIncrease your vehicles performance with ECU REMAPPING


The ECU Remapping restrictions are stored inside your vehicle's electronic unit, within the map files.

We provide carefully modified maps that transform your car's performance.

How it Works
How Much
We also remap
More POWER Non Turbo from £199 Cars
More TORQUE Petrol Turbo from £199 Vans
Better THROTTLE RESPONSE Diesel Turbo from £199 Trucks
Improved FUEL ECONOMY Tractors & Motorhomes


Window Tinting in Slough

Window Tinting


We use a special window tinting film, applied to the inside of the glass. Unlike cheaper films, ours is actually bonded

to the glass and is guaranteed against flaking or delaminating for as long as you keep the vehicle


Window Tinting in Slough



Whether at your home or place of work, our fully fitted van will carry our servicing, repairs or even a full

pre MOT check on your vehicle, at your convenience.